Law Office News
    Fri, Feb 3 2017
Groups petition EPA to adopt standards for toxics in Alabama waters
Tue, Jan 20 2017
Lawmakers grill DEP over pollution limits
Mon, Jan 9 2017
Black residents file lawsuit against ADEM Director over discrimination policy
Fri, Jan 6 2017
Florida Clean Water Network Asks Federal Judge To Force EPA's Hand
Fri, Dec 30 2016
Navarre group sues EPA over clean water
Wed, Dec 28 2016
FCWN sues EPA for delaying regulation of waterbourne toxics
Fri, Dec 16 2016
Alabama Court of Civil Appeals Sides with Gasp
Fri, Dec 16 2016
Appeals court rejects Board dismissal of Gasp air pollution permit challenge
Fri, Dec 16 2016
Alabama commission denies petition to update water toxic standards
Wed, Dec 7 2016
Jeff Sessions Introduced First Bill to Exempt Fracking from Drinking Water Rules
Wed, Oct 26 2016
Alabama Groups Petition State to Impose Limits on Toxic Pollutants in Waters
Tue, Oct 18 2016
Enviro groups petition State to impose limits on toxic water pollutants
Tue, Oct 4 2016
Attorneys call Alabama's suit against Oxford water board a protective measure
Thu, Sep 23 2016
Report slams EPA civil rights compliance
Thu, Sep 23 2016
EPA blasted over lack of protection of minorities
Thu, Sep 23 2016
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights reports on EPA's Title VI Enforcement
Tue, Sep 20 2016
Letter to EPA: Toxics Rule Dead on Arrival
Tue, Sep 20 2016
Environmental groups: EPA must disapprove Florida water toxics rule
Mon, Aug 1 2016
Anger, suspicions remain after water vote
Tue, Jul 26 2016
More toxic chemicals allowed in Florida waterways
Tue, Jul 26 2016
Florida ERC signs off on conroversial water standards
Mon, Jul 25 2016
Democrats in Congress blast Florida DEP water plan
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