Don't Leave It All to the Experts
The Citizen's Role in Environmental Decision Making

(EPA 1972) (requires pdf reader)

Effective Citizen Participation in Environmental Permitting
(LEAF 2003) (requires pdf reader)

Public Involvement in Environmental Permits
(EPA 2000) (requires pdf reader)

The Art of Commenting: How to Influence
Environmental Decisionmaking with Effective Comments

(ELI) (available for purchase)

Public Participation in the ADEM Rulemaking and Permitting Process
(ADEM 2002) (requires pdf reader)

Guide for Citizen Participation
(ADEM 2010) (requires pdf reader)

Strategies for Review of Agency Decision-making
(LEAF 1994) (requires pdf reader)

A Citizen's Guide to Using Federal Environmental
Laws to Secure Environmental Justice

(ELI 2002) (requires pdf reader)

Opportunities for Advancing Environmental Justice:
An Analysis of U.S. EPA Statutory Authorities

(ELI 2001) (requires pdf reader)

Community Environmental Health Assessment Workbook:
A Guide to Evaluating Your Community's Health and Finding Ways to Improve It

(ELI 2000) (requires pdf reader)

The Safe Hometowns Guide
(The Safe Hometowns Initiative 2002) (requires pdf reader)

The Role of the Citizen in Environmental Enforcement
(ELI 1992)

Water Pollution Permitting Essentials

The Proof is in the Permit:  How to Make Sure a Facility
in Your Community Gets an Effective Title V Air Pollution Permit

(New York Public Interest Research Group and Earth Day Coalition 2000) (requires pdf reader)

Putting an End to Pollution:  How to Scrutinize and
Strengthen Water Pollution Permits in Your Watershed

(Clean Water Network 2004) (requires pdf reader)

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