Sat, Sep 28 2013
Attorney proposes bill to amend Alabama landfill approval law
Update:  Thu, Jan 16 2014 HB292 introduced

Wed, Sep 18 2013

Is Conecuh landfill project dead?

Thu, Aug 22 2013
Attorney asks EPA's Office of Civil Rights to investigate whether ADEM has an effective Title VI compliance program

Fri, Aug 16 2013
Citizens Denied Audience Before State Environmental Commission

Mon, Aug 12 2013
Alabama Environmental Management Commission Chair recommends that attorney not be allowed to speak on ADEM's civil rights obligations.  Planned presentation here.  Attorney response here.

Thu, Aug 8 2013
Judge says "no" to dump

Tue, Aug 6 2013
Court overturns Conecuh County Commission's approval of mega-landfill

Wed, Jul 10 2013
EPA Plans Second Review of Ash Landfill Rights Complaint

Thu, Jun 27 2013 
EPA accepts complaint against ADEM for civil rights violations in permitting of Arrowhead Landfill

Thu, May 30 2013
Discrimination complaint filed against Alabama Department of Environmental Management over permits granted to Arrowhead Landfill
Update: Thu, Mar 1 2018 EPA closes complaint investigation based on insufficient evidence of discrimination

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Tue, April 23 2013
Florida Environmental Regulation Commission rejects Florida Department of Environmental Protection's request to approve excessively high surface water quality criteria for pollutants that may affect human health, primarily through consumption of contaminated fish

Thu, Apr 18 2013
Choctawatchee Riverkeeper serves notice of intent to sue City of Dothan, AL for Clean Water Act permit violations
Update:   Tue, Jun 4 2013, City of Dothan adopts Stormwater Management Ordinance

Wetlands and Waters Association serves notice of intent to sue City of Montgomery, AL for Clean Water Act permit violations
Update:  Tue, Oct 15 2013, City of Mongomery adopts Ordinance Adopting Guidelines for Erosion and Sedimentation Control and Regulations for Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Thu, Jan 10 2013
Expert: Cancer-causing chemicals still lurk in air

Wed, Jan 9 2013
Birmingham meets federal air quality standards for first time in 30 years

Mon Jan 7 2013
EPA Again Rejects Rights Petition

Tue, Dec 18 2012
EPA denies request to reconsider dismissal of civil rights claim

Thu, Nov 29 2012
Water protection groups serve notice of intent to sue Camp Hill for discharge violations
Update:   Wed, Jan 23 2013, Attorney General and ADEM file complaint, No. 70-CV-2013--900005

Wed, Oct 24 2012
Cancer Risks and Non-cancer Hazards from Air Toxics in Birmingham, Alabama

Fri, Oct 5 2012
Citing Lawsuit, EPA Dismisses Civil Rights Complaint Against Alabama

11th Circuit to Weigh Case Testing CWA Citizen Suit Notice Requirements

Thu, Oct 4 2012
Victims ask EPA to vacate dismissal of civil rights claim

Fri, Sep 26 2012
EPA Office of Civil Rights dismisses complaint against Alabama agency
Update:   Thu, May 30 2013, Discrimination complaint refiled against Alabama Department of Environmental Management over permits granted for Arrowhead Landfill

Sun, Sep 23 2012
Alabama landfill rules make dumping easy process

Wed, Sep 19 2012
Citing EPA Approval, Alabama Fights "Rights" Inquiry into Coal Ash Disposal

Air concerns in the Magic City

Thu, Aug 9 2012
Coosa Riverkeeper Serves Notice of Intent to Sue Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for 3,720 violations of Clean Water Act at Cheaha Resort State Park
Update:   Wed, Sep 19 2012, Attorney General and ADEM file Amended Complaint, No. 03-CV-2008-900707

Wed, Jul 25 2012
EPA Faces Tough Test In Rights Inquiry of "Minor Source" Biomass Permit

Thu, Jul 19 2012
EPA Roundly Criticized Over Draft Supplement to Civil Rights Plan

Wed, Jun 20 2012
EPA to consider whether Alabama landfill violates community's civil rights

Tue, Jun 19 2012
Alabama's Arrowhead Landfill Investigated By EPA For Civil Rights Violations

Mon, Jun 18 2012
EPA investigating discrimination complaint lodged against ADEM

Mon, Jun 18 2012
EPA Begins Title VI Coal Ash Inquiry

Thu, Jun 14 2012
EPA accepts complaint against ADEM for civil rights violations in permitting of Arrowhead Landfill
Update:   Fri, Sep 26 2012, EPA Office of Civil Rights dismisses complaint against Alabama agency without prejudice to refiling 60-days after disposition of pending lawsuits

   Thu, May 30 2013, Discrimination complaint refiled against Alabama Department of Environmental Management over permits granted for Arrowhead Landfill

Thu, Jun 14 2012
Old King Coal: Welcome to Uniontown, Living Amid Industrial Slop

Wed, Jun 13 2012
Alabama's Arrowhead Landfill: Progress or Polluting the Poor

Tue, May 29 2012
Florida Clean Water Network serves notice of intent to sue Georgia-Pacific Consumer Operations LLC for pollutant discharges without Clean Water Act permit
Update:   Tue, Dec 18 2012, Florida DEP issues permit to Georgia-Pacific Consumer Operations, LLC

Tue, Apr 3 2012
Federal judge rules EPA must review state rule on polluted waterways

Mon, Apr 2 2012
Environmental group claims win in ongoing challenge to state 'impaired' waters rule

Fri, Mar 30 2012
Federal court declares that EPA's 2008 determination that Florida's Impaired Waters Rule does not establish new or revised water quality standards was arbitrary
Update:   Mon, Mar 18 2013, District Court reconsiders and vacates judgment

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