Environmental Justice Screening Tools
Obtain Decimal Coordinates of Pollution Source:

Using an imagery basemap in Google Maps (right click), EnviroMapper, or ACME Mapper, locate the facility of interest and record the decimal coordinates. (Hint: begin search using zip code to find general location).  These coordinates will be used for various analyses.
Get Demographic/RSEI Map and Demographic Report:

Go to https://ejscreen.epa.gov/mapper/.  Click on Basemap and select desired basemap.  Click Select Location and enter Latitude/Longitude. Tap GO.  In the popup window, name the map, select a buffer value (1.0 mile for landfills; 3.0 miles and 6.0 miles for toxic air releases).  Tap on Add to Map.  Select the desired report.  (See Figure 1).

Tap on Add Maps>EJSCREEN Maps.  In the popup window, select Compare to State, Demographic Indicators and People of Color Population. Tap Add to Map.  (See Figure ).

Tap on Add Maps>Additional Layers>RSEI.  Change the RSEI legend from RSEI Pounds to RSEI Score.  (See Figure 3).

Tap on Print.  In the popup window, select your preferred print options.


Enter Coordinates and Radius


Longitude (do not enter negative sign): 

Desired radius (max. 10 miles):

Consider Filing a Discrimination Complaint under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

•  How to file a discrimination complaint with EPA

Enter TRI Facility ID

Obtain TRIFID of Pollution Source:

Identify the Toxic Release Inventory Facility Identification (TRIFID) for the pollution source of interest.  Every TRIFID begins with the facility's 5-digit zip code.  Go to https://www.epa.gov/enviro/tri-search.  Under Facility Selection, select TRI Facility ID in the drop down menu beside Facility Identification.  Enter the zip code of the pollution source in the Facility Identification Option Value field.  (Alternatively, under Geography Search, enter the zip code of the pollution source). Tap on the Search button at the bottom of the page.  The search results will list all TRI facilities in the zip code and will include the TRIFID for the pollution source of interest.  (The search results will also include access to a TRI Facility Report (containing raw toxic release data) as well as access to a Risk Screening Environmental Indicators Report (containing an assessment of the risk of exposure to the chemicals released).
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
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