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John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
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Fri, Feb 5 2016
EPA not enforcing Civil Rights Act effectively

Thu, Feb 4 2016
Dothan residents trying to stop landfill expansion

Thu, Feb 4 2016
Civil Rights Commission to hold hearing on environmental justice

Site spurs civil rights complaint

Thu, Feb 4 2016
Dothan residents appeal ADEM landfill permit

Wed, Feb 3 2016
Black residents file civil rights complaint over location of new Dothan Landfill

Wed, Feb 3 2016
Dothan residents accuse ADEM of discrimination in permitting landfill

Fri, Jan 16 2016
Environmental Defense Alliance serves notice of intent to sue Town of Gordon for over 1,700 violations of Clean Water Act

Thu, Jan 14 2016
Circuit Court reverses Jefferson County Board of Health decision denying GASP's Request for Hearing on ABC Coke pollution permit

Thu, Jan 14 2016
Environmental Defense Alliance serves notice of intent to sue City of Reform for over 5,100 violations of Clean Water Act

Mon, Jan 11 2016
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Announces Briefing Related to its 2016 Enforcement Report, Environmental Justice: Toxic Materials, Poor Economies, and the Impact on the Environment of Low-Income, Minority Communities

Fri, Oct 16 2015
Alabama Environmental Management Commission declines to hear presentation on ineffective ADEM enforcement without explanation

Wed, Sep 30 2015
Florida Clean Water Network submits comments on Florida's inadequate water quality criteria for protection of human health

Wed, Sep 2 2015
Don't Eat the Dirt

Mon, Aug 31 2015
Drummond lawsuit says EPA violated Freedom of Information Act

Fri, Aug 28 2015
EPA to investigate civil rights complaint against Jefferson County health department

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